Real Talk: 3 Things You Need to Make It in Entrepreneurship

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by Charese Chambers

My dear friend Lara asked me to give her something real, something from my heart about this thing we call entrepreneurship. 


I want you to know the most important part of entrepreneurship is 3 things: 

  1. Mindset mastery
  2. Planning and Execution
  3. Delegation


Mindset Mastery

If you don’t believe you have a gift to share, you will continue to believe your family and friends are obligated to support your business.


What you need is customers that want to BUY from you. 


I recently have changed my verbiage from “Support Black Businesses” to “Buy Black" – because the reality of the situation is that support looks like a singular obligation. Family/friends feel they have shown that they are down for you when they “support” what you are selling. 


But, buying is a continuous activity that I want people who love the service I offer to keep coming back – because if they keep coming back that means I am collecting my coins.


Amazon does not just sell to family. 


Stop making your family/friends your target market. You need to really believe in your gift, get out there and sell yourself to succeed.



Planning and Execution

Every business needs a plan of action.  When I first started my business, I was thinking: “why aren’t people hitting me up and buying my services? They know they need me.” 


I realized I was not giving a call to action.  I was providing value and giving free content but not telling people how to give me their coins. 


If you do not understand why you aren’t making sales, ask yourself:

What is my mission statement? 

Who is my target market? 

What is my call to action? 

How will I execute these things? 


I know thinking of all the things can be daunting, but you want to be the boss right?  This is part of it.  Which leads to the last point.



When you get to a cash flow where you can outsource, DO IT.


I have two podcasts: Financial Fancy and Business After Dark.  I want to direct you to the Business After Dark episode: “Working ON your business vs IN your business.”


Here is the takeaway: when you first start a business, you want to be the CEO but what you really need to be is the Owner.  If you are only making money when you are all up in your business, you will burn yourself out.


If you are HR (paying yourself and the IRS), marketing, office assistant, inventory manager, speaker, etc., you are no longer CEO, because you are doing all the things.  The CEO ensures the day to day activities are getting done. 


If an activity is not your ministry, sometimes trying to learn it can be too much.  With my podcasts, I don’t understand mixing and mastering sound, so, I hired a Podcast Manager.  I send the vocals through Dropbox and in 30 minutes, he sends it back.  It frees up hours of my time.




I hope that something I said resonated with you.  Entrepreneur life is something that cannot be explained. 


I had a client tell me once and it still sticks with me.  “On your best day you are living your dream, and on your worst day you are still living your dream.” 


So, no matter what obstacle comes your way, you are still the CEO of your life and you call the shots.




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