The Power In Your Story

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by Justin Malone

One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur or change-maker is knowing where to start. With the rigor of engaging in daily tasks, it can be tiresome to figure out how to move on that one thing. Despite the countless resources on how to start that business or launch that podcast, you may be stuck.

This article isn’t about the hack to jumpstart your business; instead, it’s about your heart. Think for a second. Why do you do what you do? That’s your story.

Stories have the power to relay information while touching the hearts and souls of people. This makes you and the information more relatable which separates you from the good leaders and makes you a great one. To be a great leader, you must understand your story has power and sharing it is essential. Here are three things that happen once you start sharing your story: 


Find Your Voice

“Fake it ‘til you make it!” is a mantra that gets thrown around A LOT. From fake influencers on Instagram selling a dream to reality stars doing everything but being in reality, it may seem advantageous to share a false narrative to get ahead. Please do not do this. It will only lead to short-term success if any at all. Instead of composing the perfect story, share your story.

Your story is unique to you. No one can be a better version of you so why change up? Authenticity resonates. People want something that they can feel, touch, see, and engage with. That’s your authentic self. Speak your truth. Share your commentary on topics that interest you. Experiment. Figure out what works best for you in your authentic voice. Own it!


Inspire Others While You’re On Your Journey

Having the courage to find and own your voice is a feat in itself. Being able to open up and share your viewpoint on matters that are important to you takes guts. You must have heart and confidence in yourself to weather the storm of opinions and judgment that you may receive. With great risk, there comes great reward.

A journey originally residing within you becomes one that has the power to inspire others. The ups and downs become hallmark moments that others can reference along their own journeys. Serving as a point of reference makes you more relatable. Your story gives you the unlock to living out your authentic truth. The truth is who you are, what you are about, and why you do what you do. Giving people the behind-the-scenes into your mindset, process, and inner workings builds a relationship with those around you. 


Become An Authority In Your Industry/Niche 

Utilizing your unique perspective on life to inspire others along your journey will lead you to become an authority in your industry/niche. Simon Sinek, the renowned author of the book, “Start With Why,” once quoted, “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” Your story is the key to your direction in life. It communicates your why to people.

Opening up about why you do what you do will capture the hearts and attention of those who identify with your story. The more you resonate with people in this manner, the more they’ll be drawn to you and everything that pertains to you. No matter your niche, you will have a place in the minds of others if you tell your story. Your opinion will matter to those who see your story in them. That’s authority.

To gain momentum on something outside of you, you must have momentum inside of you. You don’t necessarily need to have all of the answers. You just need to continue to ask the questions along the way. The drive to learn, understand and grow will lead you to new leaps and bounds. Reminding yourself of your why will help you continue to tell your story. That’s where your power lies. Find it within yourself to build the confidence to share and inspire others. Your story tells people why you do what you do. Matter of fact, why do you do what you do? Share your story.


Guest Blogger Justin Malone
Instagram - @j.malone92
Twitter - @MaloneJustin


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