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About Us

CEO OF MY LIFE is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the unapologetic, ambitious woman of faith on the glow up (and some dope men too!).


We empower our tribe to pursue a life that is spiritually, mentally and financially rich in your *unique* way. We also pride ourselves on providing an upscale-feeling, yet accessible experience to our treasured customers.


As our founder, Lara, prepared to launch CEO OF MY LIFE, her family faced a tough setback when her mother experienced the amputation of both legs. But God uses everyday people to do extraordinary things, so this setback became part of a victory story.


Using her faith and hustle, Lara turned pain into purpose through inspiring everyday people to do the same.  Lara firmly believes your current situation doesn't have to dictate your future destination.


Our brand encourages everyday people like you to embrace faith, authenticity and courage in order to glow as your highest self.


"Evaluate your life - people, places, patterns, things and thoughts. Then hire, fire, and promote accordingly. Be the CEO of your life." -Lara